To Ranger Bob's new & vastly improved, highly upgraded web command post.  The rough-and-tumble jungle-fighting tiger-striped look has been mostly retired.  We're shifting gears to modernize the look & function here after our first 20 years online.  Thanks for coming by.  Hope you have a productive & enjoyable visit.


  GreenBeret Net has been around since going online Memorial Day 1996. Since then, the site has garnered two battle streamers. The first was an all-out melee against CNN over their "Tailwind, Valley Of Death" journalistic travsty. 

   When the dust settled, the CNN bodycount started with Ted Turner & the entire chain-of-command was fired or resigned....

New Mission

  Our original mission was "To Provide Veterans With The Best Internet Tools To Get Ahead In Today's Modern Business Jungle." We were very site-building & training oriented then.  While maintaining that as a seconday mission, today we're more geared for the evolving mission of "Providing the best tools to do combat at information & culture warfare that we face these days.